Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Christmas past and Christmas now~Healing!!!

With Christmas coming I was thinking about the past few we have had. I know it's stressful when you have a child on the spectrum and I wanted to share what I realized hoping that it helps someone.

4 yrs ago
My parents came to visit (6 months into regression) and I will never forget the look on my Fathers face while we sat at the dinner table while Emma screamed and kicked under the table for reasons that I still don't know.
We started to recover her that spring.

Two years ago with diet and some biomed
If I asked Emma what she wanted for Christmas she would cheerfully say Christmas back to me, same if I asked what present do you want, she would say "present".

last year
With great things from a clean diet and biomed the best I would get is she would answer "yes" if I asked do you want a doll for Christmas...

This year on about 1/3 of the biomed that we were doing last year and a clean diet and 11 months into homeopathy....

This past week I asked what she wanted and she gave me a list with details like what color dress the barbie has that she wants, and how her hair is. Also said "I will love whatever you give me because you are being nice!"

Not that we haven't had ups and downs, even times when I wanted to throw my arms in the air but comparing year by year, it's undeniable that she has healed a ton and continues to heal!!!
Hoping everyone has a wonderful December